How Digital Deepak Internship Program is Unique from any other Program?


Digital Marketing and its growing demand

For the past few years, Digital Marketing has been one of the most sought-after fields with growing career opportunities. This year, the covid19 pandemic has just accelerated the demand to another level. Digital Marketing is the component of marketing that utilizes the internet and Online based Digital Technologies to promote products and services.

One of the many reasons why digital marketing is in very high demand is the plethora of opportunities it opens up. A person with good enough knowledge and hands-on experience in Digital Marketing can work as Digital Marketer, Freelancer, Digital Mentor, Build his own Personal Brand, start his own digital marketing agency, and many other opportunities.

These opportunities bring with them a series of questions that every aspiring Digital Marketer has. The most common of them are:

How to learn Digital Marketing?

Which are the trustworthy sources to learn Digital Marketing? 

To answer these questions, There are a ton of materials available on the internet both paid and for free, to learn Digital Marketing. There are many edtech companies like Udemy, Coursera, Upgrad, Great learning that provide courses on Digital Marketing. These courses just provide theoretical knowledge in Digital Marketing without any practical hands-on experience. But only the theoretical knowledge of Digital Marketing is not enough to grab the attention of potential recruiters, stand out from the crowd and position yourself as a serious Digital Marketing professional.

Most online courses have a very poor completion rate of 5 – 10%. One of the main reasons for such a poor completion rate is that the knowledge gained from these courses is least implemented which kills the motivation for further learning.

Practical Implementation and experimentation of the learned concepts are very much important in every field and it is more so important in Digital Marketing. The concepts learned will eventually die down with time if it’s put into practice. This is where Digital Deepak Internship Program is different from any other Digital Marketing programs available in the market.

Digital Deepak Internship Program not only gives you knowledge about various aspects of Digital Marketing but it also makes your feet wet by putting all those learnings into practice in the real world.

Who is Digital Deepak?

Deepak Kanakaraju is popularly known as “Digital Deepak” is one of the leading Digital Marketers in India. He is also Digital Marketing Trainer, a columnist in and YourStory. His blog is the most comprehensive blog about Digital Marketing. He has worked as Digital Marketing Manager in startups like Exotel, Practo, Instamojo, and Razorpay. He is also co-founder of Pixel Track Digital.

He has more than a Decade of Experience in Digital Marketing. He is the author of the book “Edge of Sanity” and also the author of the upcoming book “Deep Marketing”.

What is Digital Deepak Internship Program?

Digital Deepak Internship Program is a 16-week Digital Marketing internship program with an aim to make its interns a T-shaped Digital Marketer, covering all the basics of Digital Marketing in an easy and effective way through his videos.

The most important reasons to join Digital Deepak Internship Program are:

  1. No prior knowledge of Digital Marketing is required to join this program. This program is for Basic to Intermediate level Digital Marketers.
  2. This program is literally for anyone who is interested in learning Digital Marketing – be it Students, Professionals, or Entrepreneurs.
  3. There are a total of 16 modules (12 modules + 4 bonus modules) covering all the basics of Digital Marketing.
  4. The most important feature of this program is the cashback scheme attached to it. At the end of every module, an assignment is provided to interns. Upon completion of the assignment, the Intern is rewarded with cashback. Cashback is intended to make interns implement the learned concepts practically.
  5. This is an online mode internship and it requires only a laptop and Internet connection. This internship can be taken in the comfort of our homes.
  6. The 12 different modules of this internship program open up an ocean of opportunities in WordPress Website Development, Lead Generation, Affiliate Marketing, Digital Mentoring, Digital Freelancing, Sales, Marketing Automation, etc.
  7. This internship is different from all the other digital marketing programs available in the market in a way that it makes its intern’s Action takers by providing cashback upon successful completion of Assignments after every module which further helps them in applying the learned concepts in the Real-world and experimenting with those concepts to get the desired results.

I am an intern of batch 4 and this post is a detailed review of the Digital Deepak Internship Program starting from How I got to know about Digital Deepak to joining his Internship program.

How did I get to know about Digital Deepak?     

Recently, I came across an interview of Digital Deepak with Vaibhav Sisinty. The Thought process and the depth of knowledge shared by Digital Deepak in the interview served as the magnet to explore more about him on the internet. While exploring, I landed up on his youtube channel which consisted of his recorded webinars. The live webinar which left me awestruck by the depth of knowledge and explaining ability he has was on the topic Ultimate guide to lead generation. 

After being inspired by his webinar, I signed up for his free digital marketing course and went through the videos to understand the basics of  WordPress website development. Once I had signed up, I started receiving his content emails. The subject of the emails was personally connected to my situation that I just could not ignore it and it also hooked me to read his mail completely. That was the level of command he had over Digital Marketing.

Now I had moved to a level that I started reading every single mail of his with the utmost attention. At the same time, I was looking to start a knowledge sharing blog on VLSI where I could share my practical learnings in the form of blog posts. I was on the lookout for a person who could help me in building my blog. That was when I got to know of his Internship Program through one of his mails.

Through his value-centric free Webinars and youtube videos, he had gained the trust required to start transactions with him. When he launched the Internship Batch 4 in one of his sales webinars, Without a second thought, I just enrolled for his Digital Deepak Internship Program.

Trust was the most important factor which he had gained through his webinars. I can bet you that after watching his deep value-oriented webinars, you would also awestruck with the level of knowledge and the command he possesses.

Currently, I am an intern of Batch 4 of the Digital Deepak Internship Program (DDIP). Batch 4 internship has now completed Week 11 (At the time of writing this review).

Through this article, I will be covering in detail the different modules in this Digital Deepak Internship Program and I will also be sharing my learnings from each module.

Discussion Topics of the Digital Deepak Internship Program

  1. Structure of the Internship Program
  2. My Learnings in each module of the Digital Deepak internship program.
  3. Digital Deepak Internship Fees structure.

Structure of Digital Deepak Internship Program

Digital Deepak Internship Program is a 12-week program covering the basics of Digital Marketing. This program consists of 12 modules and 4 additional bonus modules. In all these 12 weeks, there are 3 sessions which are covered every week:

  1. Video Premiere by Digital Deepak
  2. Assignment explanation by Digital Deepak
  3. Q & A session by Digital Deepak Team

Now, Let’s have a detailed look at the different modules covered in this Internship Program

Module 1: Success Mindset

  • This was the first week of the internship program. As we all know, a good start to anything we do goes a long way in making an everlasting impact on our life. This was greatly emphasized in this internship by keeping a Success Mindset as the very first module.
  • Mindset is the most important in everything we do. A positive mindset sees an opportunity in every adversity.
  • Deepak caught me off guard and I was literally awestruck by his thought process which can be seen in this module. He raised the bar of this internship program with this module.
  • In this module, he emphasized the need to Think Differently, need to change Ourselves, Thinking from base principles and Thinking Long-term, Having holistic growth which consists of not only Financial Growth but also other aspects that are needed to keep ourselves Healthy and wealthy.
  • This module also taught me how to become a person who deserves success, embrace Awkwardness as this a measure of learning.
  • This module taught me to move out of my comfort zone and try different things in life (I was comfortable with my technical job but it was stagnating my growth, by taking this internship program, I came out of my comfort zone and tried different thing by joining and implementing the learnings from this internship program)
  • The Assignment attached to this module was to write about how we want our future 2.0 version to be and How to achieve it.
  • My co-interns and I have written an article of over 1000 words for the very first time in our life. It was an amazing experience that cannot be expressed in words.
  • This module made me feel that I had taken the best decision of my life by opting for this Internship program.
  • Check out my article which I had written as part of this assignment here 

 Module 2: Law of Marketing

  • This module was completely dedicated to the Marketing fundamentals, Law of Marketing, Why each one of us needs to become a good marketer irrespective of his profession.
  • This module taught me that Marketing is not just about selling, it is all about sending the right message to the right person at the right time. The main goal of Marketing is to gain the trust of the customer.
  • Marketing should be such that it should make selling easy.
  • Other topics included in this module are the Importance of Communication Skills in marketing, the Difference between Digital and Traditional marketing, Direct Response Marketing, Integrated Digital Marketing, the Importance of Personal Branding and its impact on Marketing.
  • The assignment task with this module was to Write in at least 1000 words what we had learned in this module. This task took us away from our comfort zone and we were becoming uncomfortable. We were also experiencing growth in this uncomfortability.
  • Check out my article of more than 1000 words which was written as part of this assignment here 

Module 3:Discovering your Profitable Niche

  • This module was focused on discovering our profitable niche which is the most important aspect of any profession.
  • It greatly emphasized selecting a niche which is a combination of our Talent, Passion and which also has market demand.
  • Most of the time, it’s really hard to find a niche in which there is a market demand in spite of us having talent and passion in that niche.
  • In this module, I discovered my niche which to a great extent is a combination of my Talent, Passion, and Market demand.
  • The Niche which we select should always be the one connecting our life’s task and purpose. Selecting and dedicating our energy in such a niche would never burn us out in the long run as we get excited about learning new things every day in that niche.+
  • The assignment related to this Module was the most interesting one as I had to understand My Target Audience better by creating a survey form and asking people in the outside world  (My target Audience) to fill the form as this would help me in understanding my customers better.
  • Doing this assignment was tough as we had to practically experience that not everyone will fill the form and help you, there will always be people who ignore you and I had to overcome it and become comfortable with it and embrace it.
  • Check out the survey form which I created to understand my Target audience here 

Module 4:Creating Your WordPress Blog

  • This week was the most important one for me as my main intention of joining this program was to create a blog and publish posts.
  • This week was more towards the technical side as it involved research on the domain name, Which hosting to choose and where to register my domain name.
  • In this week, I learned about the importance of having a website, how it serves as a resume during interviews, how to choose the domain name related to my niche, choosing the hosting services which fit in my budget, connecting the domain name with the hosting service, customizing my website, installing the Themes and important plugins, Installing Google Analytics and Google search console and how to do indexing. All these topics were covered in-depth in this module.
  • As part of the assignment for this module, I had to set up my own WordPress blog and customize it with the required plugins and themes.
  • Check out my blog on VLSI which I made as part of this week assignment here 

Module 5: Becoming the Content King

  • This week focussed mainly on how to create content for our blog. Once our website is set up on WordPress, the next important thing is to create content that engages and provides value to our Target Audience.
  • Content creation is the first step in the marketing funnel and a very important part of Digital Marketing.
  • We had understood the requirements and pain-points of our target audience in Module 3. With these pain points as a basis, we need to create high-quality and in-depth content that would persuade the readers to complete it and in turn, become our leads and go a long way in becoming our customers.
  • Creating content regularly and making variations in our content creation is a key step to success.
  • Content can be in different forms like Blog posts, Audio content, Graphic content, Video content, and so on.
  • This week’s assignment was at a different level altogether. We had to create a mindmap and put in all our ideas in the form of writing.
  • The next step of the assignment was to connect these ideas and create a meaningful blog post.
  • We were literally pulled out of our comfort zone when we were told to create a video of the content made this week.
  • At first, it was tough but Upon completion, I was really overjoyed by conquering my fears of putting the content in public.
  • Check out my youtube video here and my blog post here

Module 6: Social Media and Networking Mastery

  • This week was all about How to use Social Media effectively to promote our Website. It focussed on the importance of building our own tribe and leveraging it.
  • In this week, We learned how to effectively reach our target audience and have an everlasting impact on them.
  • I learned how to build a community of like-minded audiences together, how to build a troop, How to nurture the community by creating value-added and engaging content, how to effectively conduct webinars to deliver value-added information to our audience and promote our products and services.
  • The assignment in this module was to conduct a zoom meeting with at least 3 live participants (potential customers) and do a present live presentation for at least 15 minutes followed by a Q&A discussion.
  • This assignment taught me the power of live interaction with an audience. This was mainly done to move us out of our comfort zone and remove public stage fear which every one of us has inbuilt in us.
  • The topic of my online meeting was Understanding IC Design Flow and the link to my interaction with potential customers is here 

Module 7: Lead Generation and Email Marketing

  • This was one of the most engaging modules in which we learned many things about how marketing is done in the real world.
  • This module was all about Generating leads for our business and nurturing the leads through Email Marketing by providing real value to our target Audience through our newsletter emails.
  • I learned about the Importance of Lead generation, What are leads and what are not leads, the Difference between B2C and B2B leads, How to approach B2B and B2C leads, The Power of Cold Emails, Different tools to find B2B and B2C Leads, Ideas to create Landing Pages, Different tools used for Landing Pages, Different types of Lead Magnets and its use in attracting the leads to provide their Email ID and other details.
  • I also learned how to integrate a Lead Magnet to bring potential customers into my funnel.
  • The assignment for this week consisted of Generating B2B and B2C leads by making a list of all leads, contacting them through cold emails, Getting on a 121 call with at least one B2B lead, and discuss business opportunities, Creating landing pages using the tools discussed and so on.
  • Here is my Landing Page which I had built as part of this assignment. Click here to view my landing page

Module 8: Mastering Facebook Ads

  • There are basically 2 types of Traffic – Organic and Paid Traffic.
  • Module 8 and Module 9 were completely focused on driving paid Traffic to our websites. In this module, we focussed on generating traffic to our website through Facebook Ads.
  • In this module, I learned How to create a Facebook Ads account, How to create our first campaign ad, and first conversion ad.
  • The only problem which all the interns faced in this module was our Facebook Ads account was getting banned because of Facebook Policy since the Facebook policy was in an up-gradation phase. Almost one in every three interns’ Facebook ads account was getting blocked again and again.
  • Digital Deepak came ahead and helped us to overcome this problem by giving advice and also extending the deadlines for the completion of the assignment.

Module 9: Mastering Google Ads

  • Having first-hand experience of driving paid traffic to our blog via Facebook Ads in the previous module, This module was completely dedicated to generating paid traffic to our website, landing page, or Youtube page through Google search ads.
  • Google ads are a bit complex in nature as they have many options in their Ads pages on how to setup an Ad. But once you get hands-on exposure, It becomes easy to run a Google Ads campaign.
  • In this module, I learned how to create my first search Ad, Find keywords which are mostly searched by my competitors and Target audience, How to create video ads and Smart display campaigns.
  • Deepak has spent more than 10 crores on Ads and he says from his vast experience that cost per lead in google ads can be brought down if we run ads constantly with a daily low budget. This module is a bit complex which other digital mentors don’t teach in their programs.

Module 10 : Search Engine Optimisation (SEO)

  • As I had already said that there are 2 ways to generate traffic to our websites – Organic and Paid traffic. Paid Traffic is generated via Facebook and Google Ads whereas Organic Traffic which is very high-quality traffic is generated through Search Engine Optimisation (SEO).
  • This module is all about the basics of generating traffic organically through Search Engine Optimization (SEO).
  • I learned about how to do On-page and Off page SEO and techniques involved in ranking high in Google Search.
  • I learned about Importance of SEO in content marketing, This How Search Engine Works, Which are all the Niche specific search engines other than Search Engine Giant – Google, How Search engine bridges the gap between businessess and Customers, Revenue generation techniques of Search Engines and How we can use it to our Advantage.
  • I learned about Basics of Keyword Research and commonly used tools in Keyword Research like Ahrefs, Ubersuggest, Hubspot etc.
  • With respect to the Assignment part for this module, We had to optimize our website with respect to On-page SEO, Write an SEO optimized Article of at least 1000 words, Take a speed test of our website.
  • Check out my SEO optimized Article which I wrote as part of this assignment here 

Module 11 : Deep Marketing Automation

  • This module was all about understanding consumer psycology, understanding the art and science of getting customers.
  • The importance of CATT (Content, Attention, Trust and Transaction) funnel, Evolution of Sales process, importance of Personalization in Marketing.
  • I learned about what is Deep Marketing, the power of personalization in marketing, Marketing Automation and Business Automation, Tools used for Marketing Automation.
  • I also Learned about the Importance of Personal Branding for Deep Marketing Automation.
  • This module also gave brief understanding of Deep Marketing Automation for Digital Freelancing, Digital Mentoring and Affiliate Marketing.
  • I learned about he art of converting leads into customers, moving cold leads to warm leads through Drip Email Marketing Sequence, NCATT formula (Niche, Content, Attention, Trust, Transaction), How to build Trust and make transaction happen.
  • The assignment part of this module revolved around understanding our customer painpoints in a very Deep level, Getting hands on experience in Different Marketing Automation Tools like Zapier, Convertkit, Active campaign to name a few.

Module 12 : Sales and Copywriting

  • Batch 4 of this Digital Deepak Internship Program which I am part off is yet to start the last and final Module Sales and Copywriting.
  • Once this module is completed, I will be updating my learnings and experience of this module.

Digital Deepak Internship (DDIP) Fees Structure

Normally, Digital Marketing programs in the market are very costly and it is somewhere in the range of Rs 50000 to Rs 1Lakh. But the joining fees for DDIP are very much affordable to all whether it is a College student or Professional or Freelancer or an Entrepreneur. The Exact Fees for the Internship and the cashback structure will be revealed in the Internship Launch webinar which is conducted by Digital Deepak himself.

If you want to become part of this Internship Program and take control of your journey in Digital Marketing then fill out the Application form for Digital Deepak Internship Program and Wait for the launch Webinar.

Once the form is filled, further details will be communicated to you through email. This digital marketing internship is technically free for the action takers. Cashbacks will be credited to your UPI ID every week upon successful submission and approval of the assignment. Also, there is a lot of other bonuses that Digital Deepak would give and it is different for every batch. Bonus includes Premium Themes and Plugins, Discounts of Digital Marketing Tools, Special discounts on other courses and products of Digital Deepak. This is something that you won’t find easily in other digital marketing internship programs.


From my personal experience, I can surely say that this is the first of its kind Internship program that I have been part of.  You might also think that since it is a cashback related Internship program, the quality of training and support provided for solving Queries related to Training and Cashback will be of low quality but I can surely say from my 12-week experience of being in this Internship program that the  Quality of Training and Support provided is Top notch which even the 100% paid programs fail to provide.

I can only say that If you are thinking of joining a program that must be challenging, moving you out of your comfort zone, Life-changing and Action-Oriented, then This is the Internship Program you are looking for.

The fees will be increased in the upcoming batches, so I advise you to join this internship as soon as possible.

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